Welcome to Cloudstreet

Cloudstreet is a value-added service platform for network operators combining business and network layer technologies to enable
Application-Aware Networks (AAN) for the delivery of guaranteed Quality-of-Experience (QoE). Cloudstreet directly addresses the need for carriers to deliver customer-oriented, application-aware quality of service within their networks, while effectively balancing network traffic and data demand.



The Problem

Our demand for bandwidth is insatiable, but that hasn't translated into growth opportunities for carriers; quite the contrary. As our demand for data at ever higher speeds increases, the ability to effectively monetize and modernize our networks decreases. The result? Unhappy customers, a bad internet experience, stiffed innovation and slow business growth.



Audio Streaming: 8%

Video Streaming: 54%

Social Sharing: 2%

In order to avoid congestion, investment in network capacity should be complemented by service and customer-oriented network management.

The Cloudstreet Solution


User Demand Driven

A SIM-equipped subscriber account provides access to Cloudstreet

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Device Specific

A user account may be defined by a number of devices with specific
data requirements

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Context Aware

Location data combined with
historical usage inform service

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Welcome to the Application-Aware Network

Cloudstreet in Practice

Household Bandwidth Management

The average household may at any one time host multipleconsumers on multiple screens enjoying an array of self-curated content, from online games to streaming HD video on demand.

Cloudstreet provides for an uninterrupted digital content experience for mobile and fixed line broadband consumers featuring:

  • A simple mobile app to activate the Cloudstreet service
  • Stable bandwidth allocation across the entire household
  • Device and context-aware data speed allocation 
  • A better content consuming experience

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The Mobile Workforce

As the nature of work and employment changes with the advent of the gig economy we see global workforce of increasingly distributed mobile professionals navigating a 24 hour workday. In this ecosystem connectivity whenever and wherever you are is key

Whether for team meetings, HD video streaming demonstrations or transferring large, mission-critical files today's global businesses need to ensure adequate bandwidth. Cloudstreet solves the problem of delivering performance on demand through its application aware network.

  • Device-specific profiles for distributed collaborators
  • Client ready HD quality bandwidth on-demand
  • No dropped lines of feeds
  • A faster, more efficient field global operation

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Wearable Health Monitoring Devices

Health monitoring applications are often life-critical to their wearers, but to ensure they perform as intended they must be prioritized over less essential devices. Cloudstreet is the first application-aware solution to enable guaranteed minimum bandwidth for wearable health data devices providing:

  • Application-aware profile anchors multiple devices
  • Provides "always-open", uninterrupted data streams
  • Secures minimum required bandwidth by location, with alerts to inadequate mobile network service.

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Cloudstreet is brainchild of founder & CTO Mika Skarp and now comprises a team of technology, business, marketing, and customer success leaders who play a different part in making the Cloudstreet dream a reality. Although founded and based in Finland, the Cloudstreet team is as truly global as the company’s mission. We invite you to meet the executive team, find out more about our financial backers and board, or contact the Cloudstreet representative nearest you.

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Mika SKarp
Founder & CTO

Mika has over 15 years of experience in    mobile networks with a focus on radio networks. Mika’s core competence is developing novel business concepts for global deployment.

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Tero Auvinen

 Tero has been in the ICT industry since    2000.  After several years at Fujitsu and Mercuri International’s ICT team, he joined the TeliaSonera group as a marketing and sales executive.

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Sami Nippula
R&D Product Developer

Sami has over 15 years of experience in    software development (emphasis on    network management software)  as    developer, project manager, product    manager and team leader.