Cloudstreet enables the Application-Aware Network allowing carriers to commercialize the delivery of context-specific bandwidth on demand. 

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Founded in 2010, Cloudstreet is a value-added service platform for telecom operators first developed at Nokia’s Silicon Valley campus. Combining business and network layer technologies, Cloudstreet enables Application-Aware Networks (AAN) that allow carriers to commercialize the delivery of context-specific bandwidth-on-demand.

Aligned and in support of the laws and principles of net-neutrality, Cloudstreet directly addresses the need for operators to manage the delivery of customer-oriented, application-aware quality-of-service within their networks, while ensuring an open, equal access Internet.

Cloudstreet is provisioned to users based on the dynamic details of an application-specific profile to deliver highly personalized services dynamically. while effectively balancing network traffic and data demand. From streaming HD Video-on-Demand to data-intensive apps and the emerging Internet-of-Things, Cloudstreet bridges the gap between the digital services we all use, need and enjoy and the network infrastructure that serves them.


If you represent a telecom industry player (e.g. ISP, VNO) and  are interested in learning more about Cloudstreet and how to become a partner, don't hesitate to reach out to us. 

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