Brendan is a marketing communications executive with 15 years of experience in the telecom space. An awarded journalist and agency consultant, Brendan brings a unique mix of content marketing and growth strategy to Cloudstreet.

Working with a wide variety of enterprises from startups to fortune 100 companies predominantly in the telecommunications space, Brendan brings unique insights from both sides of the pitch, cutting through the clouds to help present complex topics to new, lay and non-technical audiences with clarity.

With an Edward R. Murrow Award, two AP awards, and Marketing communications awards for regional political and business coverage, Brendan has a keen editorial sense that has served his audiences as well as his clients in all areas of marketing, communications and PR.

Brendan's work consulting for some of the world's largest communications companies garnered him an Interactive Marketing Award and two League Communications Professionals Awards.

When Brendan isn't marketing he enjoys hiking and biking adventures with his family, playing music and generally making trouble. Brendan can be reached at or by phone at +(514) 802-6099