Promise of 5G tested in Helsinki

By Mika Skarp

5G has three corner stones:

1.     Air interface 10 Gbps and 1ms latency

2.     All virtualized elements

3.     Service orchestration

Service orchestration means that you can provide many different services from one network. This will generate disruption for operators’ business models because all of a sudden, you can generate products for different verticals. Products emerge that will bring costs down and usability up to a completely new level. In general, telecommunication services will become more affordable.

Friday, September 18th was an exceptional day in Finland. As the Finnish economy is not doing well recently, the government has announced cost cutting measures. As a reaction, unions made a plea for demonstrations in downtown Helsinki. In order to have people from all over Finland participate in the demonstration, the unions have decided to broadcast a video stream from the demonstration on their website. Their original idea was to use a satellite connection from the square, which represents; the standard in the industry. Costs for equipment and set-up amount up to thousands of Euros and large expenditures of time have to be planned in.

While there were over 30 000 people showing their emotions, the satellite system was not connected. Cloudstreet has delivered one simple LTE transmitter to the production company with profiled SIM for video streaming. And as easy as that, the situation was saved. A video stream with over 5 Mbps went through without any problems. Furthermore, costs are marginal compared to satellite systems and the set-up is done within about 20 seconds.

This is a 5G use case, generating and managing profiles to meet the expectations of the user. Price points may vary, but competition between operators will make sure that all possible use cases will be covered. As with Net neutrality, there are basically two basic rules with 5G: First, the consumer is the one to decide what profile should be used and second, services need to be available for everyone.