Network Slicing promises to radically transform the mobile, digital landscape but while the technology discussion is in full swing, what about the users who will experience it? And how about bringing those experiences to market and across the bridge to 5G?  In this industry insider webinar, dynamic network slicing innovators Cloudstreet clear the path from 4G to the inestimably large market network slicing promises to herald. 


Thursday October 5th AT 10:00AM CET & 10:00AM EDT (4:00PM CET)



Packed with insights and learnings from the field and Cloudstreet’s own in-market deployments of network slicing, this must-read industry insider whitepaper draws out a nuanced discussion of the model and how carriers can put it to use today to drive revenues and reduce service creation costs. Critical to this transition however is not just a technology roadmap but a user path, not merely a technology standard, but indeed a new standard for what users can expect from their networks.



Founder & CTO

Mika has over 15 years of experience in    mobile networks with a focus on radio networks. Mika’s core competence is developing new technologies supported by novel business concepts for global deployment.

Brendan Tully Walsh
Marketing Head

Brendan is a marcom executive with 15 years of experience in the telecom space. An awarded journalist and agency consultant, Brendan brings a unique mix of content marketing and growth strategy to Cloudstreet.