Partnership: A New Era for Critical Communications

Cloudstreet Partners with Canada’s Airvisor to Deliver Live Body Camera Video Capture & Analysis Over Mobile

Partnership Delivers the World’s First Integrated Solution for End-to-End Video Capture, Transmission & Analysis Over Mobile 4G LTE Networks

Helsinki, Finland, & Montréal, Canada, February 9th, 2017 - Cloudstreet, the Nokia spin-off, and network slicing innovator specialized in delivering SLA-assured mobile Internet connectivity on-demand is pleased to announce that it has entered into a partnership with Airvisor, a Canadian based designer and developer of next generation, mobile-enabled police and security vehicle and body cameras and software. On display at this year’s Critical Communications Europe conference in Copenhagen and at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Cloudstreet executives and technologists will be on hand to demonstrate the world’s first, fully-integrated, real-time, end-to-end live video capture and analysis solution leveraging SLA-assured mobile connectivity.

The partnership directly addresses many pressing issues with current, “local storage” body camera products, while introducing end-to-end LTE support and innovative feature sets that allow security, police and other Critical Communications authorities to deliver on their expanded video capture mandates.

“Current body-camera solution providers fail to deliver products that meet the needs of the government and business clients that operate them,” François Noël, CTO of Airvisor. “And that has made it increasingly difficult for authorities to deliver on the legal and today, highly-visible mandates that have been placed upon them. By partnering with a cutting edge telecom innovator like Cloudstreet, we now have the opportunity to deliver a solution that in a stroke addresses all of these many challenges with a 4G/5G-ready solution that will bring live video for critical communications into the next generation.”

Currently available video capture solutions fail due to poor camera design, limited mounting options, limited battery life and the limitation of only providing local device storage. These failings not only make the products risky investments for safety, security and law enforcement bodies, but severely hamper their ability to serve the important, life-critical needs that these technologies have been called upon to address. With Cloudstreet’s innovative network slicing solution delivering flawless connectivity over standard 4G LTE networks, coupled with Airvisor’s sleek, lightweight, long battery range camera design and cloud-based (Azure) storage capabilities, this joint solution represents a major gamer- changer for the industry.

“There is no doubt that this represents a major leap forward and a dramatically improved solution for real-time field video capture and transmission,“ said Mika Skarp, Founder & CTO of Cloudstreet. “Combined with our Software Defined, Function Virtualized Network (SDN/NFV) Slicing solution, the Dynamic Profile Controller and the ability to deliver dedicated, failsafe connectivity for video, we’re now ready to redefine and deliver on the evolving critical communications requirements for live, mobile enabled video capture and analysis.”

Critical Communications authorities and mobile operators are invited to see live demonstrations of the Cloudstreet/Airvisor solution at Critical Communications Europe in Copenhagen (February 7th-9th) in Booth A7, and at Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC17) in Barcelona February 27th – March 3rd) in Hall 5 at Stand 5F31

About Airvisor
Founded in 2015, Airvisor develops government-grade live video capture, transmission storage and processing solutions designed and manufactured in Canada. Airvisor represents a whole sale departure from standard design, local storage products featuring a rugged, lightweight flexible body camera design purpose built to transmit real-time video streams over standard 4G LTE networks with 99.9% availability and government-grade cloud storage. In so doing Airvisor delivers a dramatically improved solution for real-time field video capture & transmission over LTE networks with state-of-the art design and UI and ground-breaking telecom network technology.  Visit us at

About Cloudstreet’s Dynamic Profile Controller™ (DPC™)
An integrated carrier platform for assured mobile bandwidth delivery on-demand, Cloudstreet’s Dynamic Profile Controller™ (DPC™) is the world’s first carrier-grade platform to deliver SLA-assured quality-of-experience for mobile broadband users. The DPC™ enables a world of application-aware networks to support OTT content, Internet of Things (IoT), wearable healthtech, M2M and 100% availability for public security applications like body cameras and smart vehicles.

The DPC™ provides an elegant solution for mobile telecom’s greatest problem and a clear path to the promise of 5G telecommunications. Driving new revenues from premium quality-assured connectivity, carriers can rapidly deploy and scale new services for differentiated consumer and business segments, while aligning and practices of Net Neutrality.

About Cloudstreet
Founded in 2010, Cloudstreet is a cloud based service platform for telecom operators, combining business and network layer technologies to provide context specific bandwidth-on-demand, first developed at Nokia’s Silicon Valley campus.

Aligned with the principles of net-neutrality, Cloudstreet directly addresses the need for operators to manage the delivery of customer-oriented, application-aware quality-of-service within their networks, while ensuring an open and equal access Internet.

Cloudstreet is provisioned to users based on the dynamic details of an application-specific profile to deliver highly personalized services dynamically, while effectively balancing network traffic and data demand. From streaming HD Video-on-Demand to data-intensive apps and the emerging Internet-of-Things, Cloudstreet bridges the gap between the digital services we all use, need and enjoy and the network infrastructure that serves them.


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