Cloudstreet delivers a range of solutions for carriers looking to offer customer-oriented, bandwidth on-demand. Critical to the growing appetite for high-definition video in a variety of contexts, Cloudstreet allows consumer and business customers to experience uninterrupted live video streaming in a variety of contexts, and specifically the following:

Home Video-On-Demand Streaming

Remote Business Connectivity

Telehealth & Wearable

“The challenge for these operators is then to diversify revenue streams towards new data and value added services, and in the process monetise the explosive growth in data traffic”

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Home Video Streaming

Today, 53% of all mobile bandwidth is consumed by video streaming, according to the GSMA, and that number continues to grow. As such, network operators struggle to keep with the demand while revenues remain flat.

What's the Solution?

Cloudstreet offers Carriers an elegant network and business layer solution to introduce application-aware bandwidth on demand. For home video streaming, the largest single consumer of bandwidth, it only makes sense to offer consumers the option of a fully optimized experience across multiple devices in the home.

Business Solutions

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Remote Business Connectivity

Telehealth & Wearable Tech

Remote Business Connectivity

The number of mobile workers in the U.S. is expected to top 100 million by the year 2020 making up nearly three quarters (72.3%) of the entire workforce according to IDC. Already a key driver in innovation and GDP growth, mobile connectivity will continue to play the starring role in this shift. The only problem? Carriers have little incentive in the way of new or growing revenues to invest in the networks of the future.

What's the Solution?

Cloudstreet offers Network providers a market-ready solution for the introduction of context, device and application aware connectivity on demand. While driving new revenues and increasing ARPU for the all important SMB market,  Cloudstreet helps carrier partners ready their 5G networks for the increasingly mobile workforce.


Telehealth & Wearable Technology

First among equals in the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is the advent of wearable technology for the purposes of real time health monitoring. With the challenges of meeting the healthcare demands of a rapidly aging population, the importance of real-time health data will become increasingly critical to device manufacturer compliance and risk mitigation. For consumers it will be seen as essential to the value these technologies provide.

What's the Solution?

Cloudstreet offers carriers the ability to move away from the risk and poor customer experience delivered by so called "best effort" networks while delivering on the demands of guaranteed 100% up time for life critical devices.